Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Giveaways Galore

Hello dearies! More giveaways here :) I'm glad to be sharing more giveaways with you readers out there! So Happy Wednesday for all :) Cite:

Pop Culture Shrine Magnet-your choice (Ends 10/24)Link:

$50 Jewelry Gift Card from LoveGem Studio (Ends 11/04)Link:

Necklace from Eternal Girl (Ends 10/21)Link:

$10 Gift card giveaway (Ends 10/23)

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$25 Gift Certificate giveaway (Ends 10/18)Link:

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Antique Pottery Shard Necklace (Ends 10/28)Link: FaceBook :

Box of Hand Blended Artisan Save My Soul Tea (Ends 10/28)Link:

Set of Six Cast Concrete Knobs (Ends 10/27)

Pendant and matching Mirror (Ends 10/21)


$40 Giftcard to High Hope Knits (Ends 10/12)


$50 Giftcard to 4 Birds Vintage (Ends 10/19)


~ That's all for today my angels <3 See you soon! -Jennifer T.~P.S.: Comment down below on which giveaways you would like to see in the future :). Also, would you like to see any beauty/ makeup tutorial vids? I can check on YouTube for you!!Also, please follow me:                                                                                                                           , and I'll follow you too :)

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