Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Brandy♥Melville Must-Haves

School's about to start soon, and back-to-school shopping time is already here (or has been here). I have compiled a list of some Brandy necessities for the upcoming fall/wintertime. Yes, the clothing is a bit pricey, and yes there is a lot to dislike (like the fact that they're OSFA when One Size doesn't really fit ALL). But, I have to admit, the clothing line is trendy, and I'm going to blog about the latest trends to keep you all on track. So, let's have at it:

1) Nancy Peachy Sweatshirt = $32 HERE

Yass πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

2) Rosay Hotter Than Hell Top = $21 HERE
  Fire, so lit, so hawt πŸ”₯

3) Mason Dagger Rose Embroidery Top = $20 HERE
 dagger & a rose πŸ”ͺ🌹

4) Wylie Flannel = $25 HERE
 flannels 4 dayzzz
* Who doesn't love flannels, right?

5) Peyton Denim Shirt = $23 HERE
 dat denim doeee

6) Katherine Alien Patch Baseball Cap = $17 HERE
 do u believe? πŸ‘½

7) John Galt Mini Backpack = $30 HERE
 too cool 4 school in this blush backpack if u kno wat i mean

8) Nanna Corduroy Skirt = $26 HERE
 this is what's trending rn

9) Vodi Shorts = $18 HERE
 tie-dye stuff= bomb tho

10) Caroline Cardigan = $52 HERE
 need this & want this, gotta buy this πŸ˜πŸ˜

11) Ollie Sweater = $39 HERE
 olive-colored things πŸ˜

12) Veena Sweater = $25 HERE
 and maroon-colored things too ahhh‼

13) Nella Bomber Jacket = $48 HERE
 bomber jackets be killin' it 

14) Gabriella Romper = $32 HERE
 yas yas yas, ya hear?

15) Kasey Bomber Jacket = $45 HERE
 legit the bomb πŸ’£


  1. Just letting you know, this brand is unfair, they steal their designs from indie artists, just like recently Zara did. 3) Mason Dagger Rose Embroidery Top - this one has been stolen from xuh ( This is a serious issue, people need to know about it and stop supporting brands like this.

    1. Really? Thank you for making me aware of this fact. I never knew about that until you brought it up. After doing some research, I do see that they stole other designs as well like the crying moon one...


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