Saturday, August 20, 2016

K-Drama Binge Watching - My True Addiction

School will be starting soon for me, which is kinda sorta sad. It will be my junior year of high school, next year being my senior year, which is truly unbelievable. The only nice thing about going back to school is B2S shopping and seeing my friends again. Anyways, what I'll truly be sad about is not getting to watch as much K-Drama as I have been watching this whole summer πŸ˜ž. Here are a couple of new ones which I have been obsessing over. Do not attempt to watch these if you are impatient, since these are still on air, even though I was sucked into the K-Drama wormhole... Waiting for every new episode + English subs is a pain.

1) W - Two Worlds

This drama makes me happy & sad bc feels. I really love the storyline of this drama though. Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo are goals! 


2) Cinderella and Four Knights
I just can't with this drama and how similar it is to Boys Over Flowers! Love everyone starring in this drama! Who will Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) end up with? 

Monday, August 8, 2016

MAC Lipsticks Blog Sale Post ♥

Since I'm trying to get rid of as many makeup products as I can to make room for new ones, I'll be making more blog sale posts! For this post, I will be selling two MAC lipsticks with LE packaging (MAC Toledo Sin & MAC Bao Bao Wan Burmese Kiss).

MAC Toledo Sin Lipstick 
Price: $14 Tracked & Invoiced

- Used a few times
- Does NOT come with box
- 100% Authentic (AA4 Serial #)
- Lipstick stains at bottom of tube, 
lettering a bit faded in certain places
- I accept PayPal, Venmo, SquareCash
- Comment below if you're interested in purchasing!

MAC LE Bao Bao Wan Burmese Kiss Lipstick
Price: $18 Tracked & Invoiced

- Swatched once!
- Does NOT come with box
- 100% Authentic (A94 Serial #)
- I accept PayPal, Venmo, SquareCash
- Comment below if you're interested in purchasing!

PayPal is Priority, but I accept other forms of payment as well. Please comment if interested. I ship same day or in one business day, and you will receive within 3-5 business days. 

NEW Makeup Update~ 8/8//2016

Okay guys, so I'm making another one of these makeup product updates because new things just dropped. Note: I'm truly sorry to those who don't reside in the United States, as you might not be able to purchase these products. Anyways, let's take a look at 'em:

1. Tarte Tarteist x MakeupShayla Contour Palette = $45 @ Sephora HERE
2. Urban Decay Moondust Palette = $49 @ Sephora HERE
3. Urban Decay All-Nighter Foundation (shades vary) = $40 @ Sephora HERE
4. Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Creme (shades vary) = $26 @ Sephora HERE
5. Urban Decay Vice Lipstick (many shades & finishes) = $17 @ Sephora HERE

6. Too Faced Brow Quickie (two universal shades) = $22 @ Sephora HERE

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Syndrome Store Kawaii Fashion ~ ♥

Today's post is going to be a kawaii-filled one! You've probably never heard of Syndrome Store, but you just have to check out what they have to offer! Click here for some cute stuff! Hats, jewelry, dresses, shoes, wigs, and others. Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Gudetama, Spirited Away, Totoro, Cardcaptor Sakura, Little Twin Stars, Rilakkuma, and more! Here are some pictures that make me want to splurge ASAP:

PokΓ©mon Pikachu Baseball Cap

Japanese Anime PokΓ©mon Pikachu Baseball Cap SD00693

Cloud Pattern Brim Snapback

Cute Cloud Pattern Brim Snap back Cap SD00510

Baby Bottle Pastel Silicone iPhone Case

Baby Bottle Pastel Silicone IPhone Case SD00537

Pastel Leather Spikes Collar

Pastel PU Leather Spikes Collar SD00136

Kawaii Anime Face Expressions T-Shirts

Kawaii Anime face expressions T-shirts SD00594

Black and White Anime Eyes Pattern Top / Skirt

Black and White Anime Eyes Pattern Top / Skirt SD00529

Japanese "Don't Touch Me I'm Internet Famous" T-Shirt

Japanese "Don't Touch Me I'm Internet Famous" Tshirt SD00391

Japanese Harajuku Lace Short-Sleeve Chiffon TuTu Dress

Japanese Harajuku Lace Short-Sleeve Chiffon TuTu Dress

Japanese "Give Me Food" Sheer Dress

Japanese "Give Me Food" Sheer Dress SD00764

Harajuku Dolly Lolita Long Brown Wig 

Harajuku Dolly Lolita Long Brown Wig SD00263

Japanese Kawaii Totoro Print Shoulder Bag

Japanese Kawaii Totoro Print Shoulder Bag

Sailor Moon Kawaii Luna Black Artemis White Backpack

Sailor Moon Kawaii Luna Black Artemis White Backpack SD00622

Pastel Dreamer Backpack 

Pastel Dreamer Backpack SD00073

Japanese Sailor Moon Selfie Stick

Japanese Sailor Moon Selfie Stick with remote SD00118

Kawaii Pink Strawberry Sneakers

Kawaii pink strawberry sneakers SD00616

I love you guys, and hopefully you find something you like! Until next time ~

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Product Review: InstaNatural Glycolic Facial Cleanser & Micellar Cleansing Water🌿

Time for another product review! I had to take down my Yalmeh Serum one because of this whole ordeal w/Google πŸ˜ž. Anyways, I hope I don't get into any trouble with this one! 

InstaNatural Glycolic Facial Cleanser
Opinion: I can see results after just one usage! 
It doesn't smell very pleasing though.
My skin feels smoother and looks brighter, and
my pores aren't as big as they used to be.

InstaNatural Micellar Cleansing Water
Opinion: This product doesn't have any scent,
which is great. It does remove my makeup quicker
and with a greater efficiency than my usual makeup
remover. Nice product overall!

Brandy♥Melville Must-Haves

School's about to start soon, and back-to-school shopping time is already here (or has been here). I have compiled a list of some Brandy necessities for the upcoming fall/wintertime. Yes, the clothing is a bit pricey, and yes there is a lot to dislike (like the fact that they're OSFA when One Size doesn't really fit ALL). But, I have to admit, the clothing line is trendy, and I'm going to blog about the latest trends to keep you all on track. So, let's have at it:

1) Nancy Peachy Sweatshirt = $32 HERE

Yass πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

2) Rosay Hotter Than Hell Top = $21 HERE
  Fire, so lit, so hawt πŸ”₯

3) Mason Dagger Rose Embroidery Top = $20 HERE
 dagger & a rose πŸ”ͺ🌹

4) Wylie Flannel = $25 HERE
 flannels 4 dayzzz
* Who doesn't love flannels, right?

5) Peyton Denim Shirt = $23 HERE
 dat denim doeee

6) Katherine Alien Patch Baseball Cap = $17 HERE
 do u believe? πŸ‘½

7) John Galt Mini Backpack = $30 HERE
 too cool 4 school in this blush backpack if u kno wat i mean

8) Nanna Corduroy Skirt = $26 HERE
 this is what's trending rn

9) Vodi Shorts = $18 HERE
 tie-dye stuff= bomb tho

10) Caroline Cardigan = $52 HERE
 need this & want this, gotta buy this πŸ˜πŸ˜

11) Ollie Sweater = $39 HERE
 olive-colored things πŸ˜

12) Veena Sweater = $25 HERE
 and maroon-colored things too ahhh‼

13) Nella Bomber Jacket = $48 HERE
 bomber jackets be killin' it 

14) Gabriella Romper = $32 HERE
 yas yas yas, ya hear?

15) Kasey Bomber Jacket = $45 HERE
 legit the bomb πŸ’£