Saturday, July 15, 2017

πŸ’– Hot Designer Items πŸ’–

I have been eyeing certain items, part of my growing wish-list and must buys. So I decided to share with you all some of the designer items which have caught my eye! 

Pictures are courtesy of Google Images

1* Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack
Image result for lv palm springs backpack miniImage result for lv palm springs backpack mini
Price: $1,860
That's super expensive, so if you are looking for a high-quality Replica: $219 click here

2* Rihanna Fenty Puma Line
Related imageImage result for rihanna fenty puma bow slidesImage result for rihanna fenty puma bow sneaker
Uhm, so totally cute, am I right?
Bow Sneakers: $160
Bow Slides: $90
Fur Slides: $90

*Other color options as well*

3* HERMES Clic-Clac H Bracelets
Image result for hermes clic clacHermèsHermès
Price: $660
Replicas can be found somewhere I'm sure

4* Cartier Love Bracelets
Related imageImage result for cartier love braceletRelated image

Price: ~$6,000 or so?
Replicas can be found somewhere...

5* God Save Queens Bikini
Image result for god save queens bikini

As seen on Kylie Jenner!

Price: Top is $75 & Bottoms for $49
Replicas are EVERYWHERE

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