Friday, February 28, 2014

Late Update 2?!

Heya, so sorry about the late stuff. My word, it's the last day of February already?! Okay, so I know I didn't post last week, and I'm very sorry, but here is what you've been missing, so yeah.


1. Scarf giveaway (Ends 03/20)-U.S. and CanadaLink: For Contest

2. $50 Goodie Bag giveaway (Ends 03/02)-WorldwideLink: For Contest

3. Crochet Ruffled Scarf (Ends 03/10)-U.S. onlyLink:

4. Trendy pillow covers (Ends 03/08)-U.S.Link:

5. Jewelry Organizer giveaway (Ends 03/03)-InternationalLink: For Contest

6. 5-prize package giveaway (Ends 03/08)-U.S.Link:

Click For Contest

7. Choice of coasters, art print, calendar (Ends 03/04)-InternationalLink:

8. Bird Brooches & Soft art toy (Ends 03/15)-InternationalLink:

9. Infinity Scarf (Ends 03/16)-U.S Link:
10. Silver Birthstone Bangle giveaway (Ends 03/01)-U.S.

Click For Contest

11. lip balm and a coupon giveaway (Ends 03/03)-U.S and CanadaLink:

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~OK, so that is all (really) for this week. I am sorry for not updating and having people check 100 times (this is true, for a matter of fact, when i checked the page views). So I will blog each Friday as usual. Stay tuned!~

Another late one...oops :P

Sorry for another late blog update! I am just too busy these days. Where has my mind been wandering? So, don't be surprised next week when my post is later than usual. So, here is what you've been missing!

1. $220 in Prizes (Ends 02/27)-InternationalLink: 

2. Spring Accessory Prize Pack (Ends 03/10)-InternationalLink:

3. Fine art print giveaway (Ends 03/18)-InternationalLink: For Contest

4. Cake Topper giveaway (Ends 02/25)-InternationalLink: For Contest

5. Personalised Wooden Blocks (Ends 03/20)-InternationalLink:

6. Crocheted Unisex Beanie (Ends 03/03)-InternationalLink: Silver Spoon Bracelet (Ends 03/04)-International


8. Heart necklace giveaway (Ends 03/04)-InternationalClick For ContestLink:

9. Fuchsia Swarovski Earrings (Ends 03/02)-International


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Late Update & Happy Late V-Day!

I am so so sorry for the late giveaway update! So much took place yesterday! So happy late Valentine's Day everyone and here are the giveaways that'll be taking place!

1. Handcrafted Fairy Doll giveaway (Ends 02/17)-U.S. OnlyLink: For Contest

2. Beeswax Candles giveaway (Ends 02/20)-InternationalLink: For Contest

3. Hollywood Award Chocolate giveaway (Ends 02/22)-U.S. OnlyLink: For Contest

4. Eco Fashion headband giveaway (Ends 03/11)-U.S. OnlyLink: For Contest

5. Brooch, bookmark & notecards giveaway (Ends 02/21)-InternationalLink: For Contest

6. Pair of French curtain hold-backs giveaway (Ends 02/19)-U.S. and CanadaLink: For Contest

7. Peony Bud Wedding Bouquet (Ends 02/17)-U.S.Link:

8. choice of makeup bag (Ends 02/17)-U.SLink:

9. Winner's Choice of Earrings (Ends 02/17)-InternationalLink:

10. Mini Donut Jewelry giveaway (Ends 02/19)-International,FacebookLink: For Contest

11. Enameled Triangle Bracelet (Ends 02/18)-InternationalLink:

12. Monogram Sachet (Ends 02/17)-InternationalLink:

13. Limited Edition 'Amore' Briefs (Ends 02/18)-InternationalLink:

14. Child's Belt giveaway (Ends 02/24)-U.S. and CanadaLink: For Contest

15. Whimsical dog coasters giveaway (Ends 02/19)-InternationalLink: For Contest

16. Eco Clothing piece of choice (Ends 03/14)-U.S.Link:

17. Pearls Bangle Bracelet (Ends 02/23)-InternationalLink:

18. Mystery Arm candy (Ends 03/10)-International,FacebookLink:

19. Architecture Print Tea Towel giveaway (Ends 02/20)-InternationalLink: For Contest