Friday, February 28, 2014

Late Update 2?!

Heya, so sorry about the late stuff. My word, it's the last day of February already?! Okay, so I know I didn't post last week, and I'm very sorry, but here is what you've been missing, so yeah.


1. Scarf giveaway (Ends 03/20)-U.S. and CanadaLink: For Contest

2. $50 Goodie Bag giveaway (Ends 03/02)-WorldwideLink: For Contest

3. Crochet Ruffled Scarf (Ends 03/10)-U.S. onlyLink:

4. Trendy pillow covers (Ends 03/08)-U.S.Link:

5. Jewelry Organizer giveaway (Ends 03/03)-InternationalLink: For Contest

6. 5-prize package giveaway (Ends 03/08)-U.S.Link:

Click For Contest

7. Choice of coasters, art print, calendar (Ends 03/04)-InternationalLink:

8. Bird Brooches & Soft art toy (Ends 03/15)-InternationalLink:

9. Infinity Scarf (Ends 03/16)-U.S Link:
10. Silver Birthstone Bangle giveaway (Ends 03/01)-U.S.

Click For Contest

11. lip balm and a coupon giveaway (Ends 03/03)-U.S and CanadaLink:

Click For Contest

~OK, so that is all (really) for this week. I am sorry for not updating and having people check 100 times (this is true, for a matter of fact, when i checked the page views). So I will blog each Friday as usual. Stay tuned!~

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