Friday, January 10, 2014

Giveaway Day?!

Hello again! As promised, here are the weekly giveaways! Thank you for your support as a reader and enjoy! :)

1. Artisan earring (Ends 01/16)Link:
2. 3 Pairs of Gemstone Earrings (Ends 01/30)Link:

3. Handmade Hope sign (Ends 01/31)Link:

4. Pixie dust necklace giveaway (Ends 01/19)Link: For Contest

5. 2 Halo Headbands (Ends 01/13)Link:

6. SilkWay Pillow Case (01/13)Link:

7. Owl Ring (Ends 01/18)Link:

8. Natural Organic Sunscreen (Ends 01/28)Link:
9. Choice of Selected Jewelry (Ends 01/16)Link:

10. Art Journal Kit (Ends 01/30)Link:

11. Necklace and Bracelet Set (Ends 01/15)Link:

12. Double Pendant Necklace (Ends 01/17)Link:

13. Organic Small Pet Bed (Ends 01/27)Link:
14. Organic Purifying Face Wash (Ends 01/30)Link:

15. Coconut Vanilla Cream Cleanser (Ends 01/30)Link:

16. Rain's Joan of Arc Necklace giveaway (Ends 02/07, Facebook)Link: For Contest

17. 2 Paleo Almond Butters giveaway (Ends 01/30)Link: For Contest

18. Makeup Travel Case giveaway (Ends 02/08)Link: For Contest

Yay! That's all of the giveaways for this week! Hope to see you next week! Thanks for reading!!! ^(>_<)^

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