Friday, March 21, 2014


As I am getting very little pageviews about my new blog updates which take me about 30 minutes to make, I am afraid I will have to either close this blog or stop posting. :,( I am very sorry to those of you who do appreciate this blog. Thank you for sticking with me all these months ♥.

Friday, March 14, 2014

It's PI DAY!!! +New Giveaways for You to Enter

Hello, my lovelies! It's PI Day!!! It is also my friend's birthday today! Let's see some pi pics before we get to the giveaways :).


1. Nail Polishes of you choice (Ends 03/27)-International Link:

2. Personalized Bunny Necklace (Ends 03/31)- InternationalLink:

3. Pink earrings giveaway (Ends 03/25)-International Link:

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4. 3 Vintage Jewelry Pieces (Ends 03/31)-U.S.,Canada, MexicoLink:

5. Zipper Cosmetic Bag (Ends 03/18)-U.S. can enter onlyLink:
6. 11 garden themed items (Ends 03/27)-International Link:

7. Silver Pendant giveaway (Ends 03/24)-U.S. onlyLink: For Contest

8. Thank You Notes giveaway (Ends 03/18)- International Link:
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9. Teething Necklace (Ends 03/20)-U.S. and Canada

10. Handstamped Custom Guitar (Ends 03/17)- InternationalLink:

11. Origami Earrings giveaway (Ends 03/22)- InternationalLink: For Contest

12. Infinity scarf giveaway (Ends 03/21)- InternationalLink: For Contest

~That's all for this week! See you next time! Follow @jennifer_the_messenger on Instagram please! :)~

Friday, March 7, 2014

A New Blog Update (:

Hello fellow blog readers! Looks like I am back on track with my Friday routines. I had to go to my doctor check-up today and went out for dinner as well. My day went pretty well I guess. How 'bout yours? Anyways, here's the latest!

1. Adjustable Ammonite Ring (Ends 03/25)-InternationalLink:

2. Hunger Games Journal giveaway (Ends 03/15)-International entrance          Link to enter:

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3. Wedding Garter set giveaway (Ends 03/11)-InternationalLink: For Contest

4. Spoon Rest giveaway (Ends 03/14)-U.S. onlyLink: For Contest

5. Pyrite Necklace (Ends 03/17)-U.S. onlyLink:

6. Makeup Bag (Ends 03/30)-InternationalLink:

7. Mega Bling Precoisa Crystal Earrings (Ends 03/21)-U.S. OnlyLink:

8. one teardrop necklace (Ends 03/12)-International giveawayLink:

9. Handmade Bubble Necklace (Ends 03/10)-U.S. and CanadaLink:

10. Two handmade bows (Ends 03/10)-U.S. onlyLink:

11. Butterfly Necklace Set (Ends 03/31)-U.S. onlyLink:

12. Earrings giveaway (Ends 03/29)-InternationalLink:

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13. Art Bead Adjustable Bracelet (Ends 03/12)-InternationalLink:
*I am sorry to say that's all for today. But there will be more next week! Have a great weekend and see ya then!* ^u^

Friday, February 28, 2014

Late Update 2?!

Heya, so sorry about the late stuff. My word, it's the last day of February already?! Okay, so I know I didn't post last week, and I'm very sorry, but here is what you've been missing, so yeah.


1. Scarf giveaway (Ends 03/20)-U.S. and CanadaLink: For Contest

2. $50 Goodie Bag giveaway (Ends 03/02)-WorldwideLink: For Contest

3. Crochet Ruffled Scarf (Ends 03/10)-U.S. onlyLink:

4. Trendy pillow covers (Ends 03/08)-U.S.Link:

5. Jewelry Organizer giveaway (Ends 03/03)-InternationalLink: For Contest

6. 5-prize package giveaway (Ends 03/08)-U.S.Link:

Click For Contest

7. Choice of coasters, art print, calendar (Ends 03/04)-InternationalLink:

8. Bird Brooches & Soft art toy (Ends 03/15)-InternationalLink:

9. Infinity Scarf (Ends 03/16)-U.S Link:
10. Silver Birthstone Bangle giveaway (Ends 03/01)-U.S.

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11. lip balm and a coupon giveaway (Ends 03/03)-U.S and CanadaLink:

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~OK, so that is all (really) for this week. I am sorry for not updating and having people check 100 times (this is true, for a matter of fact, when i checked the page views). So I will blog each Friday as usual. Stay tuned!~

Another late one...oops :P

Sorry for another late blog update! I am just too busy these days. Where has my mind been wandering? So, don't be surprised next week when my post is later than usual. So, here is what you've been missing!

1. $220 in Prizes (Ends 02/27)-InternationalLink: 

2. Spring Accessory Prize Pack (Ends 03/10)-InternationalLink:

3. Fine art print giveaway (Ends 03/18)-InternationalLink: For Contest

4. Cake Topper giveaway (Ends 02/25)-InternationalLink: For Contest

5. Personalised Wooden Blocks (Ends 03/20)-InternationalLink:

6. Crocheted Unisex Beanie (Ends 03/03)-InternationalLink: Silver Spoon Bracelet (Ends 03/04)-International


8. Heart necklace giveaway (Ends 03/04)-InternationalClick For ContestLink:

9. Fuchsia Swarovski Earrings (Ends 03/02)-International