Wednesday, July 9, 2014


There is a super cute giveaway going on right now at ! Enter now to win all these goodies from Tofu Cute :) I LOVE ALPACAS! ♥♥♥
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Happy Late 4th! + Update

Euphoric ApparelHello Everyone! I am back with a new post! Sorry I missed the 4th on my blog! I heard fireworks the whole night and it was just a great celebration of our nation the United States :). So, yepp Happy Late 4th! but the way, did anyone help me yet with my Sales Rep Project? Well PLEASE help me if you didn't! Here's the link again: and just click to see some amazing clothing! Use code JENNI14 so I can earn rep points. Buy today and you will be on the verge of happiness just waiting for it to come in the mail :). Here are some pictures of what they have to offer:

Azure alpha tanktop Despicable tanktopMonochrome alpha tanktop
Monochrome alpha t-shirtSwindle t-shirtDefinition t-shirt
Original mint script tanktopOriginal mint script t-shirtOriginal white script t-shirt
Original mint script crewneckOriginal white script crewneckAlpha decal

Utterly AMAZING!!! I will be posting more later, so stay tuned! Thank you so much, and please help buy at least one of the pieces with the code JENNI14 so that way I can earn money and you can receive clothing! I will Love You Forever if you do! Comment if you did help or if you are going to! Thanks a ton :* ~Jenni

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Representing Euphoric Apparel (Please Help)!

Hello! It has been a while since I have blogged, but if you are true fans of my blog I would love for you to help me with a certain thing: So I just became a sales representative for Euphoric Apparel and I need money. Please help buy items from them at  and use the code JENNI14 for a 10% discount!!! Thank you so much if you do I will greatly appreciate it! I love you all! :) Share with friends and family members as well! Stay tuned in a couple of days since I will be refreshing my blog with recent giveaways and more featured subjects! 

Friday, March 21, 2014


As I am getting very little pageviews about my new blog updates which take me about 30 minutes to make, I am afraid I will have to either close this blog or stop posting. :,( I am very sorry to those of you who do appreciate this blog. Thank you for sticking with me all these months ♥.

Friday, March 14, 2014

It's PI DAY!!! +New Giveaways for You to Enter

Hello, my lovelies! It's PI Day!!! It is also my friend's birthday today! Let's see some pi pics before we get to the giveaways :).


1. Nail Polishes of you choice (Ends 03/27)-International Link:

2. Personalized Bunny Necklace (Ends 03/31)- InternationalLink:

3. Pink earrings giveaway (Ends 03/25)-International Link:

Click For Contest

4. 3 Vintage Jewelry Pieces (Ends 03/31)-U.S.,Canada, MexicoLink:

5. Zipper Cosmetic Bag (Ends 03/18)-U.S. can enter onlyLink:
6. 11 garden themed items (Ends 03/27)-International Link:

7. Silver Pendant giveaway (Ends 03/24)-U.S. onlyLink: For Contest

8. Thank You Notes giveaway (Ends 03/18)- International Link:
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9. Teething Necklace (Ends 03/20)-U.S. and Canada

10. Handstamped Custom Guitar (Ends 03/17)- InternationalLink:

11. Origami Earrings giveaway (Ends 03/22)- InternationalLink: For Contest

12. Infinity scarf giveaway (Ends 03/21)- InternationalLink: For Contest

~That's all for this week! See you next time! Follow @jennifer_the_messenger on Instagram please! :)~

Friday, March 7, 2014

A New Blog Update (:

Hello fellow blog readers! Looks like I am back on track with my Friday routines. I had to go to my doctor check-up today and went out for dinner as well. My day went pretty well I guess. How 'bout yours? Anyways, here's the latest!

1. Adjustable Ammonite Ring (Ends 03/25)-InternationalLink:

2. Hunger Games Journal giveaway (Ends 03/15)-International entrance          Link to enter:

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3. Wedding Garter set giveaway (Ends 03/11)-InternationalLink: For Contest

4. Spoon Rest giveaway (Ends 03/14)-U.S. onlyLink: For Contest

5. Pyrite Necklace (Ends 03/17)-U.S. onlyLink:

6. Makeup Bag (Ends 03/30)-InternationalLink:

7. Mega Bling Precoisa Crystal Earrings (Ends 03/21)-U.S. OnlyLink:

8. one teardrop necklace (Ends 03/12)-International giveawayLink:

9. Handmade Bubble Necklace (Ends 03/10)-U.S. and CanadaLink:

10. Two handmade bows (Ends 03/10)-U.S. onlyLink:

11. Butterfly Necklace Set (Ends 03/31)-U.S. onlyLink:

12. Earrings giveaway (Ends 03/29)-InternationalLink:

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13. Art Bead Adjustable Bracelet (Ends 03/12)-InternationalLink:
*I am sorry to say that's all for today. But there will be more next week! Have a great weekend and see ya then!* ^u^

Friday, February 28, 2014

Late Update 2?!

Heya, so sorry about the late stuff. My word, it's the last day of February already?! Okay, so I know I didn't post last week, and I'm very sorry, but here is what you've been missing, so yeah.


1. Scarf giveaway (Ends 03/20)-U.S. and CanadaLink: For Contest

2. $50 Goodie Bag giveaway (Ends 03/02)-WorldwideLink: For Contest

3. Crochet Ruffled Scarf (Ends 03/10)-U.S. onlyLink:

4. Trendy pillow covers (Ends 03/08)-U.S.Link:

5. Jewelry Organizer giveaway (Ends 03/03)-InternationalLink: For Contest

6. 5-prize package giveaway (Ends 03/08)-U.S.Link:

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7. Choice of coasters, art print, calendar (Ends 03/04)-InternationalLink:

8. Bird Brooches & Soft art toy (Ends 03/15)-InternationalLink:

9. Infinity Scarf (Ends 03/16)-U.S Link:
10. Silver Birthstone Bangle giveaway (Ends 03/01)-U.S.

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11. lip balm and a coupon giveaway (Ends 03/03)-U.S and CanadaLink:

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~OK, so that is all (really) for this week. I am sorry for not updating and having people check 100 times (this is true, for a matter of fact, when i checked the page views). So I will blog each Friday as usual. Stay tuned!~