Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Lunar New Year!!+ Giveaway Update

HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! Hope you all have a wonderfully fun and safe weekend. Sorry that this post is kind of late, since I am busy with all of the celebrations going on. Oh, and it's that time of year for Girl Scout cookies, and I am hoping to buy some! Also, please remember that most of these giveaways are U.S. Only, so don't forget!  

1. Yoga Mat (Ends 02/16)

Click on Link to enter:

2. Spellbound Soap Prize Pack (Ends 02/28)Click on Link to enter:

3. Winner's choice (Ends 02/09)Click on Link:

4. Skull Hobo Bag (Ends 02/06)Click on Link:

5. Handmade Soap (Ends 02/07)Click on Link:

6. Jewelry and Accessories (Ends 02/03)Click on Link:

7. Handmade Flying Heart Bead (Ends 02/15)Click on Link:

8. Vintage Fabric Button Earrings (Ends 02/10)Click on Link:

9. Hand-knit pink slouchy hat (Ends 02/05)Click on Link:

10. Ruffled Crochet (Ends 02/03)Click on Link:

11. Keeping It Together Planner kit (Ends 02/07)Click on Link:

12. Various prizes (Ends 02/08)Click on Link:

13.Valentine pink heart necklace (Ends 02/14)Click on Link:

14. Pink Love Magnet giveaway (Ends 02/28)Click on Link:

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~Thank you very much to my blog readers and supporters! Even though I do not post such interesting things, I have still achieved to this date 1596 Pageviews! Again, thanks so very much!~

Friday, January 24, 2014

New Day, New Giveaways!

Hello there! It's time for the new blog scoop on what giveaways have been taking place so far. Let's see, shall we? Just click on the links below to enter! I'm so sorry to mention that most but not all these giveaways are U.S. Only :(. To make up for it, please suggest anything you would like to see a blog post of! Thanks!

1. Love and Kale Valentine Gift Tie (Ends 01/27)Link:

2. Crystal Bracelet (Ends 02/14)Link:

3. Travel themed Set of Goodies (Ends 03/04)Link:

4. 3 fabric organizer buckets (Ends 02/24)Link:

5. prize assortment of handmade items (Ends 02/03)Link:

6. hair accessories (Ends 02/01)Link:

7. Moisturizer & Body Butter giveaway (Ends 01/31)   Link:

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8. Salt Bar Soap giveaway (Ends 02/02)Link: For Contest

9. Organic tea giveaway (Ends 02/06)Link: For Contest

10. Organic Favor Bag (Ends 02/10)Link:

11.Custom Character Clip (Ends 01/30, Facebook)Link:

12. Valentine's Day Mug (Ends 01/31, Facebook)Link:

13. personalized key chain (Ends 01/29)Link:

14. Delicious Artisan Toffee (Ends 02/24)Link:
~That's all for this week! In the meantime, please follow the blog and remember to suggest any blog posts!~

Friday, January 17, 2014

Today's a Giveaway Day!

Hello world! Here is the list of giveaways for this week! Thanks to you lovelies, I have 1525 pageviews!!! Eeek I love you all :). Now, let's get moving with those giveaways... 

1. Stationary prize pack (Ends 01/25)Link:

2. Lapis Lazuli Necklace (Ends 01/19)Link:

3. Custom Monogram Nail Decals (Ends 01/24)Link:

4. $20 gift card to HausofAriella (Ends 2/28, Facebook)Link:

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5.$10 gift certificate (Ends 01/28/2014)

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6. Huggable Hobbes Plush (Ends 02/03)Link:

7. PRINTABLE FLOWER 2014 CALENDAR (Ends 01/21)Link:

8. Premium Yoga Mat (Ends 01/15)Link:

9. Monogrammed iPhone Case (Ends 01/21, Facebook)Link:

10. Custom Stamp (Ends 01/28)Link:

11. Handpainted Purple Pendant Necklace (Ends 01/24)Link:

12. Organic Resin Cat Earrings (Ends 01/24)Link:

13. Fabric Button Earrings (ENds 01/31)


14. Valentine Hearts Collection (Ends 01/29)Link:

15. Blue Ombre Necklace (Ends 01/29)

16. crocheted little tote (ENds 02/15)Link:
~Thank you, wonderful blog readers, I hope you enjoy your weekend! See you all next Friday!~

Friday, January 10, 2014

Giveaway Day?!

Hello again! As promised, here are the weekly giveaways! Thank you for your support as a reader and enjoy! :)

1. Artisan earring (Ends 01/16)Link:
2. 3 Pairs of Gemstone Earrings (Ends 01/30)Link:

3. Handmade Hope sign (Ends 01/31)Link:

4. Pixie dust necklace giveaway (Ends 01/19)Link: For Contest

5. 2 Halo Headbands (Ends 01/13)Link:

6. SilkWay Pillow Case (01/13)Link:

7. Owl Ring (Ends 01/18)Link:

8. Natural Organic Sunscreen (Ends 01/28)Link:
9. Choice of Selected Jewelry (Ends 01/16)Link:

10. Art Journal Kit (Ends 01/30)Link:

11. Necklace and Bracelet Set (Ends 01/15)Link:

12. Double Pendant Necklace (Ends 01/17)Link:

13. Organic Small Pet Bed (Ends 01/27)Link:
14. Organic Purifying Face Wash (Ends 01/30)Link:

15. Coconut Vanilla Cream Cleanser (Ends 01/30)Link:

16. Rain's Joan of Arc Necklace giveaway (Ends 02/07, Facebook)Link: For Contest

17. 2 Paleo Almond Butters giveaway (Ends 01/30)Link: For Contest

18. Makeup Travel Case giveaway (Ends 02/08)Link: For Contest

Yay! That's all of the giveaways for this week! Hope to see you next week! Thanks for reading!!! ^(>_<)^