Friday, January 24, 2014

New Day, New Giveaways!

Hello there! It's time for the new blog scoop on what giveaways have been taking place so far. Let's see, shall we? Just click on the links below to enter! I'm so sorry to mention that most but not all these giveaways are U.S. Only :(. To make up for it, please suggest anything you would like to see a blog post of! Thanks!

1. Love and Kale Valentine Gift Tie (Ends 01/27)Link:

2. Crystal Bracelet (Ends 02/14)Link:

3. Travel themed Set of Goodies (Ends 03/04)Link:

4. 3 fabric organizer buckets (Ends 02/24)Link:

5. prize assortment of handmade items (Ends 02/03)Link:

6. hair accessories (Ends 02/01)Link:

7. Moisturizer & Body Butter giveaway (Ends 01/31)   Link:

Click For Contest

8. Salt Bar Soap giveaway (Ends 02/02)Link: For Contest

9. Organic tea giveaway (Ends 02/06)Link: For Contest

10. Organic Favor Bag (Ends 02/10)Link:

11.Custom Character Clip (Ends 01/30, Facebook)Link:

12. Valentine's Day Mug (Ends 01/31, Facebook)Link:

13. personalized key chain (Ends 01/29)Link:

14. Delicious Artisan Toffee (Ends 02/24)Link:
~That's all for this week! In the meantime, please follow the blog and remember to suggest any blog posts!~

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