Friday, January 17, 2014

Today's a Giveaway Day!

Hello world! Here is the list of giveaways for this week! Thanks to you lovelies, I have 1525 pageviews!!! Eeek I love you all :). Now, let's get moving with those giveaways... 

1. Stationary prize pack (Ends 01/25)Link:

2. Lapis Lazuli Necklace (Ends 01/19)Link:

3. Custom Monogram Nail Decals (Ends 01/24)Link:

4. $20 gift card to HausofAriella (Ends 2/28, Facebook)Link:

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5.$10 gift certificate (Ends 01/28/2014)

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6. Huggable Hobbes Plush (Ends 02/03)Link:

7. PRINTABLE FLOWER 2014 CALENDAR (Ends 01/21)Link:

8. Premium Yoga Mat (Ends 01/15)Link:

9. Monogrammed iPhone Case (Ends 01/21, Facebook)Link:

10. Custom Stamp (Ends 01/28)Link:

11. Handpainted Purple Pendant Necklace (Ends 01/24)Link:

12. Organic Resin Cat Earrings (Ends 01/24)Link:

13. Fabric Button Earrings (ENds 01/31)


14. Valentine Hearts Collection (Ends 01/29)Link:

15. Blue Ombre Necklace (Ends 01/29)

16. crocheted little tote (ENds 02/15)Link:
~Thank you, wonderful blog readers, I hope you enjoy your weekend! See you all next Friday!~

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