Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Healthy Me is Drug Free!

Have you ever thought of what it means to be healthy and fit? Eating well and taking part in daily exercise routines are very important to all of us. Today, I am showing you guys/ girls out there that health is a vital part of our lives. Sure vitamins and organics may help, but exercise should too. Sports activities may also help keep you balanced, or jogging for about 15 minutes around the neighborhood block. So today, think healthy!


"Hand in hand, we can take a stand." (@ Drugs)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Giveaways Galore

Hello dearies! More giveaways here :) I'm glad to be sharing more giveaways with you readers out there! So Happy Wednesday for all :) Cite:

Pop Culture Shrine Magnet-your choice (Ends 10/24)Link:

$50 Jewelry Gift Card from LoveGem Studio (Ends 11/04)Link:

Necklace from Eternal Girl (Ends 10/21)Link:

$10 Gift card giveaway (Ends 10/23)

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$25 Gift Certificate giveaway (Ends 10/18)Link:

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Antique Pottery Shard Necklace (Ends 10/28)Link: FaceBook :

Box of Hand Blended Artisan Save My Soul Tea (Ends 10/28)Link:

Set of Six Cast Concrete Knobs (Ends 10/27)

Pendant and matching Mirror (Ends 10/21)


$40 Giftcard to High Hope Knits (Ends 10/12)


$50 Giftcard to 4 Birds Vintage (Ends 10/19)


~ That's all for today my angels <3 See you soon! -Jennifer T.~P.S.: Comment down below on which giveaways you would like to see in the future :). Also, would you like to see any beauty/ makeup tutorial vids? I can check on YouTube for you!!Also, please follow me:                                                                                                                           , and I'll follow you too :)

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Hey everyone! Here are new giveaway updates for you to enter! Enjoy :) <3

SusAnna's Sweets Etsy Giveaway! Ends Oct. 25

Rose Shimmer Herbal Makeup GIVEAWAY Ends Oct. 20

Mignon Mignon Sunglasses Giveaway Ends  Oct. 27

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Fantabulous October Beauty Giveaway Ends Nov. 9th

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Kitchen Painted Pretty GIVEAWAY! Ends Oct. 31

Small Prize Giveaway! Ends Oct. 19th

Shani & Adi Fall Giveaway Ends Oct. 20th

Fall Nails with Revlon Giveaway! Ends Nov.5th

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Celestial Fantasies Giveaway - Ends Oct 31st

~That's all for today! See ya next time! Hope you enjoy my blog! If you have any giveaway/ beauty tutorial requests, feel free to comment on this post/ contact me at: heathertruo(at)gmail(dot)com! Thanks and kisses, Jennifer~ ♥

Friday, October 4, 2013