Sunday, July 30, 2017

FREE Stuff? FREE Shipping? Count me IN!

Hello everyone! It's Back-to-School season, which means time to spot those deals and get shopping! Therefore, I'd like to get you all started by sharing some codes which will allow you to shop for less. Who doesn't like saving money, right? 

1. Dote
Dote is probably one of the greatest shopping apps out there, in my opinion. There are a bunch of stores to choose from, all in one app! How cool is that? Get Dote-only markdowns and free shipping as well! Here are some of the many stores to shop at: Forever 21, Brandy Melville, Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Colourpop, Victoria's Secret, ZARA, Free People, UNIF, For Love & Lemons, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Stella & Dot, Alex And Ani, Nike, you name it!
With the code ZXKS, you can get $5 off of any item and FREE Shipping! Basically, you can get something for free or something you're eyeing for less. Now, go download the app and shop away~

2. Poshmark
I have sold plenty of items on Poshmark and purchased many as well. Get rid of your old stuff, make money towards bills, and splurge once in a while. On Poshmark, you can look for preowned and brand new items for less! The code JPGYO will provide $5 off of any item as well as free shipping. Just download the app, create an account, and enter this code in to get your deal :-)

3. Mercari
Mercari is another great buying and selling app. Find games, clothes, shoes, and tablets for cheap! To get started, here's $2 with the code JBPXCE upon installation of the app.

I will be posting another Back-to-School related post, so stay tuned for that! Hope you score some nice deals, & until next timeee!

- Jennie

Saturday, July 15, 2017

💖 Hot Designer Items 💖

I have been eyeing certain items, part of my growing wish-list and must buys. So I decided to share with you all some of the designer items which have caught my eye! 

Pictures are courtesy of Google Images

1* Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack
Image result for lv palm springs backpack miniImage result for lv palm springs backpack mini
Price: $1,860
That's super expensive, so if you are looking for a high-quality Replica: $219 click here

2* Rihanna Fenty Puma Line
Related imageImage result for rihanna fenty puma bow slidesImage result for rihanna fenty puma bow sneaker
Uhm, so totally cute, am I right?
Bow Sneakers: $160
Bow Slides: $90
Fur Slides: $90

*Other color options as well*

3* HERMES Clic-Clac H Bracelets
Image result for hermes clic clacHermèsHermès
Price: $660
Replicas can be found somewhere I'm sure

4* Cartier Love Bracelets
Related imageImage result for cartier love braceletRelated image

Price: ~$6,000 or so?
Replicas can be found somewhere...

5* God Save Queens Bikini
Image result for god save queens bikini

As seen on Kylie Jenner!

Price: Top is $75 & Bottoms for $49
Replicas are EVERYWHERE

Amazon Accounts Being Hacked & Unauthorized Purchases: My Experience

Yesterday, at 6:38 PM, I got an email saying that I had placed an order, one for $100 and another for $10.

This surprised me, as I haven't ever logged into my Amazon account for months. I only ever purchased one or two things before. Apparently, hacking is something that can be easily done these days through key-logging, phishing, and plenty of other tricks. I admit that I have been skeptical of how easy it is for some random person out there to get my password and access my account just with the snap of a finger. This experience I lived yesterday has proved to me otherwise.

Such hackers tend to gravitate towards gift certificates for games, consoles, and other costly items. The hacker who took a hold of my Amazon account yesterday was able to figure out my password and take over my account, as my debit card information was somehow stored. They proceeded to make purchases with my linked card. I have notified Amazon regarding said issue, but they were of no help in cancelling the pending order and let the transaction go through. Below are the messages I received from them: 

They also gave me some considerably bad advice: to manually enter my info every time I order something. But didn't they just tell me that my key strokes could (potentially) be detected??

I am in the process of cutting up the card that the hacker used and am looking into a reversal of funds. I advise anyone who shops online (which is many of you) to NOT store payment information into such shopping sites which might seem sketchy, use PayPal whenever possible as Buyer Protection is always helpful (at least in my experience), and when such an incident happens to not freak out like me as your financial institution will reassure you. Just trash that card and get a new one mailed home to you. 

Side Note: DO NOT manually type in your card info if you think your device is key-logged. Also, this lady working at the bank told me that debit cards are more easy to get a hold of for hackers. The important thing is to NOT get your bank credentials leaked.

Hope you all shop safely and take this post into consideration! Love You All~


- Jennie