Sunday, February 28, 2016

♥ Post about Poshmark ♥

If anyone would like free $5 credit towards your purchase on Poshmark just by signing up upon downloading the app (available on iOS and Android), use the code JPGYO ! You can get something for free such as clothing, books, makeup, shoes, toys, and much more! If you are interested in making money towards paying those monthly bills, you can sell on Poshmark with ease as well! I've been a member for only a month or so and have made over $70 (although I'm more of a buyer person so I don't sell as much hehe). 


Friday, February 12, 2016

Influenster Slimfast VoxBox!

This blog post has been postponed for quite a while, but I am ready to make it now! I received a Slimfast VoxBox from Influenster to test out in early December, or so I believe. I have tried it shortly after receiving, and will share with you my opinion. This was also the first time I have tried Slimfast!
Now, let's take a look at the VoxBox shall we?

Here are the products which I received in my VoxBox:

Slimfast 100 Calorie Snacks: Sour Crean & Onion 
Baked Crisps, Cinnamon Bun Swirl Drizzled Crisps

* Super delicious and make for great snacks (I mean 100 calories? #yes)!

Slimfast Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Meal Replacement Bar

* I love dark chocolate,don't get me wrong, but 
sea salt isn't really for me. Nuts aren't either...

Slimfast Ready to Drink Creamy Chocolate
Meal Replacement Shake!

* Probably my most fave thing in the VoxBox. I love the taste
and creamy texture. Not to mention these are high in protein and
provides 4 hours of hunger control. #CountMeIn !

MIA Update Post + Asian Snacks!

I'm back again (but I'm not sure for how long)! I have been M.I.A. for quite a while due to school and many other things taking place in my life, but I do hope to get back on track and start blogging at least once a week, probably on Saturdays. Monday will be Presidents' Day! Today is Lincoln's birthday, and he is also my favorite president. Happy Early Birthday to our 1st president George Washington!

Anyways, I am going to be talking about what foods I've been into lately in this blog post. I have gone to Arirang Supermarket (a Korean market that I came across) and picked up some Asian snacks. The first thing I got was Lotte Koala's March Chocolate Creme Filled Cookies!

* I can't even with the cute koalas on the packaging!

* AAHHHHH I die >.<

* It's soooo cute I can't even eat it but I gotta cause I'm hungry XD

The next item I got was Pocky. I did purchase a box of Matcha Pocky as well as a variety of other things, but I seriously ate like all of them so I can't take pictures of them *cries*. 

*This Cookies & Cream Pocky is super gooood ^-^

Well there you have it! I will be blogging more this weekend for sure! Make sure to stay tuned and don't forget: I love each and everyone of you, and I thank you for your time and support. You are what drives me to keep blogging! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend