Friday, February 12, 2016

Influenster Slimfast VoxBox!

This blog post has been postponed for quite a while, but I am ready to make it now! I received a Slimfast VoxBox from Influenster to test out in early December, or so I believe. I have tried it shortly after receiving, and will share with you my opinion. This was also the first time I have tried Slimfast!
Now, let's take a look at the VoxBox shall we?

Here are the products which I received in my VoxBox:

Slimfast 100 Calorie Snacks: Sour Crean & Onion 
Baked Crisps, Cinnamon Bun Swirl Drizzled Crisps

* Super delicious and make for great snacks (I mean 100 calories? #yes)!

Slimfast Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Meal Replacement Bar

* I love dark chocolate,don't get me wrong, but 
sea salt isn't really for me. Nuts aren't either...

Slimfast Ready to Drink Creamy Chocolate
Meal Replacement Shake!

* Probably my most fave thing in the VoxBox. I love the taste
and creamy texture. Not to mention these are high in protein and
provides 4 hours of hunger control. #CountMeIn !

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