Saturday, August 8, 2015

Giveaways, Goodies, and More!

Another giveaway post and updates for my lovely blog readers! With school about to start soon, cash could come in handy when shopping for your little ones! Let's get into the post! :)

------- GIVEAWAYS -------
1. $5 PayPal Cash Giveaway! Click here to enter!

2. $50 PayPal Giveaway! Click here to enter!

3. $10 PayPal Giveaway! Click here to enter!

4. $250 PayPal Giveaway! Click here to enter!

5. $15 PayPal Giveaway! Click here to enter!

6. $10 PayPal Giveaway #2! Click here to enter!

------ Goodies ------

I have previously mentioned in other posts that there are lovely sites which are worth checking out! I will list them again here, just in case you all were interested :). Do visit these sites if you haven't already. Sign-up for ones you're interested in. 

*Listia : Basically a site where you can get FREE items by using credits. Super easy to earn, and tons of products to check out. You can also list anything you would like to get more credits. Great way to clean out your closet! Makeup, electronics, back-to-school items. All free with no cost! For 1,000 credits free click here:

*Mercari : Get a free $2 to spend on anything you want when you use the code JBPXCE! You can also sell on this app and get money transferred to your bank account! Items start at $3! Link :

------ Updates ------
I am almost going back to school! My AP Bootcamp starts this Monday and I am not feeling it. Goodbye summer, hello to another year of stress. :( On a happy note, I tuned into an hour-long BTS broadcast on the V app (kpop at it again hehehe)! I was so happy that I got to watch my first BTS live stream ever, since the iOS app released recently! BTS went live in Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for iOS and here for Android. Here is a cute GIF of Jin I made with Photoshop CC. (GIF tutorial in a previous post)

Summer was overall normal for me. I didn't really go anywhere notable, and not much happened. I was barely active on my social media, but will be when school resumes. I guess the Bootcamp for my AP classes would give me an opportunity to do something worthwhile, and I would get to see my friends again! :) I am curious about what my sophomore year has to offer me, and I hope this year will be a great school year for me. Although I won't be able to update this blog as much when school starts, I will certainly try! 

Jenni ^-^

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