Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Photoshop CC GIF Tutorial!

I am excited to be making my FIRST ever tutorial! Today, I will be doing a "How-to-Make a GIF from a YouTube Video By Using Photoshop CC" Tutorial! >U< This is great for Tumblr users, GIF lovers, or bloggers in general! Let's get started! 

STEP 1 : Visit in order to download the YouTube video you would like to use. Copy the link of the video, and insert it in the download box. Choose the first option "Download MP4 Version" - (Max 480p). The download will begin right away.

STEP 2 : Head on over to the Adobe website and make an account if you haven't already - click here. Then, go to to start your FREE 30-Day trial! This is if you do not want to pay for the full program. After that, enter in your skill level with Photoshop and the downloads shall begin! Go to Adobe Creative Cloud, login, and start the actual Photoshop download. 


STEP 3 : After all of the procedures & downloads are finished (this may take awhile xD), open up the Photoshop CC program. Since you already downloaded the video to make into a gif, the steps should be quite simple. 
3a.  Go to FILE and scroll down to Import. Click on Video Frames to Layers. 

3b. Select the video you downloaded from your computer. Then, choose Selected Range Only, check Limit To Every 2 Frames, and check Make Frame Animation. Use the small black triangle-shaped-ish sliders to narrow down which part of the video you want giffed (totally made up word, but you know what I mean). Press the PLAY button to view what you've narrowed down.

3c. If you're satisfied with your GIF, go to FILE, Export, and Save for Web (Legacy)! A screen should pop-up. Make sure you've selected GIF, Looping Options (Forever is what I usually choose), and press PLAY to view the actual GIF!

3d. Once you press SAVE, you're done! Check your computer downloads/files to see your GIF! You can rename it if you wish.

*** Here are MY GIFs I personally created using the above methods, and GUESS WHAT?! They're of Jin hehehe :)***
P.S. : I'm so happy the V app finally released for the Apple App Store!!! I can now imagine I'm Facetiming my Jinnie :3 LINK (if you're interested in this K-Pop Madness) :
Hope you had fun with this tutorial and, as always, stay tuned for more! - Jenni

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