Friday, December 27, 2013

Good Grief Giveaways!

Hello dear blog readers! How was your Christmas?  Mine was amazing since I got my new 5th Generation 32 gigabyte iPod!

Now let's get on with the giveaways, shall we? :)

1. Hair accessories & earrings (Ends 1/7/14)Link:

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2. Triangle Studs (Ends 12/30)Link:

3. queen anne's lace hydrosol (Ends 12/31)Link:

4. 100 cupcake flags (Ends 1/5/14)Link:

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5. "Soft Lights of Christmas"" 8x10 Art Print (Ends 12/28/13)Link:

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6. 3 Graphic Tees (Ends 01/10)Link:

7. Rings (Ends 12/31)Link:

9. DIY Shimmer Stick Kit (Ends 01/05)Link:

10. Necklace (Ends 12/31)Link:

11. Handpainted Snowman Record (01/01/14)Link:

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12. 2 Pairs of Stud Earrings ( 01/10/2014)Link:

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