Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why I've Been Inactive // UPDATE

As you all can tell, I haven't been on for quite some time now. I am about to start AP Bootcamp in a few weeks, and I have already finished the AP Biology assignment mentioned in a previous post. I have been active everyday on Tumblr, however, and I mainly post BTS-related subjects. I have watched quite a number of K-Dramas this summer, and this is part one of why I've been inactive (xD gotta keep up). Here are some I've been watching and getting really into ahahaha! 

For the next part, I have been addicted to this website/webapp called ~LISTIA~! I have gotten sooo much free stuff you don't even know! If you wanna get free stuff and be addicted like me, here is the link: . Trust me, you WILL be addicted ^-^. 

LIFE UPDATES: I have gone swimming this summer, and I am probably tanner than I was before summer started! My bangs which I have pushed to the side are now longer, and I hope they continue to grow before school starts >U< . I am also pretty addicted to nail wraps, especially JAMBERRY! You can check out all of their fantabulous nail wraps here : . 

For me, they have lasted for a little over two weeks! And here's some really big news : I have changed my ways of eating!!! I have started to see that I was becoming a little more "plump" and I have gained more pounds this summer (a really big difference). I used to eat chocolate daily and a variety of unhealthy things. This year, I have decided to eat vegetables and other nutritious choices for lunch at school, and maintain my eating habits. I am putting a stop to junk food and such, and will be exercising more. I will also eat only when I'm hungry and not when I insist. I need to be prepared to run a mile every week for dance class and all that it has in store for me when I come back to school. Well. there you guys have it! I have much in mind and can type out much more, but I'll save it for another day (hopefully soon)! Stay tuned, because I'll be back!

NOTE: Pics are NOT mine! Creds to rightful owners :)

X O X O - Jenni  :3

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